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Cosmetic TreatmentsMakeup History: Beauty Styles Through Different Eras

Makeup History: Beauty Styles Through Different Eras

From the earliest civilizations to today’s hottest trends, the history of makeup is almost as complex and fascinating as the human species itself. From the power of Cleopatra to the modern beauty of today’s most popular influencers, learn just how far we’ve come over the ages in seeking the perfect look. Discover the beauty secrets and trends of different eras, and how they’ve evoled to shape the world of makeup that we know and love today.
Makeup History: Beauty Styles Through Different Eras

1. The Transformation Game: Unveiling the Timeless Beauty of Makeup through History

The Idea of Makeup Throughout History
Makeup has evolved through the centuries, both in the ingredients used, and in the style favored. In ancient Egypt, chlorinated copper oxide was used to darken the eyes, and kohl or galena was a common ingredient used by Pharaohs. The trend then moved to the Mediterranean, with Phoenicians and Greeks creating new recipes that included more organic ingredients. The Romans, from whose culture beauty ideals were highly esteemed, also found innovative ways to apply makeup, e.g., using tools such as tweezers and spatulas to apply white lead-based creams.

Beauty Alternatives to Conventional Makeup
In the 18th century, a makeup alternative emerged in the form of Manteaux a la Mode, which were creams made with balsam of Peru, Venetian ceruse, white lead, and other materials. This period also saw the development of alternative methods of applying paint and powder, such as using a fan cake, horn, or hog’s bristle brush. These methods saved women time, and allowed them to customize their makeup routine.

Modern Beauty Routines
Today, makeup utilization is seen in many different forms. Popular types of makeup include:

  • Foundation
  • Blush
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Shadow
  • Lipstick
  • Highlighter

Beauty routines of today are not only about looking beautiful, but also about feeling beautiful. Modern makeup looks range from subtle natural looks to bold and dramatic looks, giving wearers the freedom to experiment with their looks and discover their individual beauty.

Creative Ways to Wear Makeup
From the Renaissance to the present day, the various ways of adorning one’s face with makeup have become creative outlets for self-expression. Makeup artists combine different shades of colors to create looks that tap into their emotions and express themselves in unique ways. The transformation game is truly alive and well in the art of makeup and its evolution through the ages.

Beauty trends seem to come and go in equal measure, but their roots date back to primitive times when women and men in the ancient world first adopted elaborate rituals that emphasized physical appearance. Cosmetics, hairstyles, and even tattoos were all used by these early civilizations to express themselves and attract attention.

The Greek and Roman empires made major contributions to the world of beauty. In Ancient Rome, women used various types of floral oils to enhance their skin and accessorized their hair with coins, pearls, and even feathers. Meanwhile, in Ancient Greece, olive oil was used to promote healthier skin and during festivals women could be seen wearing elaborate eyeshadows and rouge.

The Middle Ages was largely dominated by the notion that too much attention on beauty was a sinful act. But this didn’t mean there weren’t any beauty trends, quite the opposite in fact. People were known to adhere to more simple looks such as pale skin, dark eyes, and rouge cheeks, although the latter was seen as too frivolous and was often frowned upon.

The Renaissance saw beauty take on a much more theatrical tone, featuring dramatic hairstyles and daring makeup choices. Europe was the epicenter of fashion and makeup trends, with notable influencers such as Queen Elizabeth and Catherine de’ Medici leading the charge. This era saw the introduction of more complex hairstyles that often featured embellishments such as pearls and ribbons while finely powdered wigs also became popular.

The Industrial Revolution unleashed a wave of innovation in the beauty world that has shaped the way we consume products today. New and improved tools were developed that modernized common rituals, electric razors, and makeup brushes. Advertising also blossomed during this era, with marketing campaigns that encouraged the use of cosmetics and beauty accessories becoming increasingly common.

Glamorous styles hit the peak of their popularity in the 1920s. Women in particular transformed their look with outlandish hairstyles and bright makeup, with iconic celebrities like Clara Bow and Joan Crawford becoming symbols of beauty.

Fast-forward to the Modern Age, and the beauty industry offers a much larger range of products and services than ever before. From pedicures and facials to designer makeup and at-home kits – it’s easier than ever to look and feel beautiful.

3. A Journey through Time: Exploring the Iconic Makeup Styles of Each Decade

From the roaring Roaring Twenties to the daring Disco Era, each decade has sported its own unique makeup style. We can trace the evolution of cosmetics through the decades – from the stark black eyes and Art Deco eyebrows of the 1920s to the psychedelic hues of the 1970s. Join us on a journey through time and get a glimpse of some of the most noteworthy makeup looks of the 20th century.

The 1920s

The sharp lines and porcelain-like complexion of the 1920s have come to define the decade’s look. The iconic makeup style comprised:

  • White, matte base
  • Sharp, thin brows
  • Dark eye makeup with a smokey cat-eye featuring defined, black lashes
  • Strong dark red lips – often achieved with lipstick or gloss

Although the colors used in makeup were actually quite muted, the application of products was done with precise detail, making the look stand out.

The 1930s

In the 1930s, makeup had a more natural vibe, as people looked to the outdoors for inspiration. The Great Depression led many to opt for drugstore brands of cosmetics, leading to a subtle, elegant look. Key features of the iconic makeup style included:

  • Subtle shadowing
  • Muted lips
  • A healthy, rosy blush
  • Subdued eyelashes

To keep an even complexion, women would often remove excess facial hair with a tweezer or razor blade.

The 1940s

In the 1940s, the focus shifted to red lips and strong brows. The signature makeup style of this decade was about making a statement, and consisted of:

  • Soft whites and beiges
  • Strong, defined eyebrows
  • Minty green eye shadow
  • Red lipstick and lip gloss

Although parties and dance clubs were still prohibited due to the war, women still wanted to glam up. As a result, cosmetics companies produced products specifically designed to remain on during times of physical activity and intense heat.

4. Timeless Beauty Secrets: Unveiling the Techniques Behind Iconic Makeup Looks

No need to keep up with the latest trends – when it comes to timeless beauty, there are no rules. Take a look back and you’ll find a range of iconic makeup looks that never go out of style, time and time again.

Clean and Classy Look

This classic look first made its way into the public’s consciousness in the 1950’s. To achieve this timeless style, start by creating a bronzed complexion with a matte face powder, bronzer and beige eyeshadow. Balance out your look with bold block colours on your lips and nails. For the eyes, opt for lashings of a lengthening mascara and swipes of medium eyeshadow over your lid; if you’re feeling an extra glamorous evening look, toned-down eyeliner will finish the look perfectly.

Subtle Cat Eye

The cat eye is a look that has been around since ancient Egypt. To recreate this beautiful, subtle eye makeup, start with a base of light beige eyeshadow and blend around the creases. Next use a black liquid or gel eyeliner to draw the wings out. Top off the liner with black, feathery mascara, using one coat to finish off the look.

Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes first began to appear on the runway in the 1980’s, and they’ve been a statement look ever since. To achieve this style, start with a pale, shimmery eyeshadow as your base, then blend outwards with a darker, matte colour on the outer corners. Soften off the edges with a smudged eyeliner and for extra drama, define with black eyeliner along your lashes. Finish off with two coats of black mascara.

Glowing Skin

Glowing skin has been around since the dawn of beauty. To achieve this look, start with an illuminating primer, then make sure your foundation is the same color as your skin tone. Highlight and contour for definition, then finish off with a glowing highlighter. Avoid a heavy contouring make-up as this can age you and make sure you blend the colour thoroughly to create an even complexion.

Makeup is a timeless, versatile art and one that has continued to evolve over time. As we continue to learn of the various ways people use makeup, it’s impossible not to be amazed by the beauty styles of various eras that have come and gone. From the luxurious to the revolutionary, the history of makeup is truly mesmerizing!

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