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Celeb OutfitsCelebrity Fashion History: The Evolution of Star Styles

Celebrity Fashion History: The Evolution of Star Styles

From Little House on the Prairie to that bedazzled Juicy Couture track suit, celebrity fashion has had a roaring history. Through the ages, Hollywood style icons have often led the fashion trends of each era. Join us as we chronicle the evolution of star styles and trace the key moments in celebrity fashion history.
Celebrity Fashion History: The Evolution of Star Styles

1. Setting the Stage: Youthful Glamour of the Golden Age Stars

The glamour of Hollywood’s Golden Age stars is like a blast from the past. Those stars of cinema, the likes of Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Bette Davis, were and still are some of the most dazzling personalities to grace the silver screen. Like a comet, their shine lit up the era, and it’s easy to think of the ’30s and ’40s as being a decade of impossibly beautiful people with electric charisma.

What made them so special? Perhaps it was their youth. Even if they were not exactly fresh-faced youngsters, they still had enough youth in them to make them captivatingly alive. Their allure, be it youth, talent, beauty, or a combination of the three, was able to bring new ideas and stories to life in a vivid and powerful way.

Their talent was undeniable. Whether it was in comedy, drama, romance, or even a musical, their performances had both intensity and depth. Watching them on the silver screen felt like eavesdropping on a thought-provoking conversation. It allowed viewers to experience different parts of the world, to explore different kinds of emotions and ideas, and to revel in the unexpected.

  • Cary Grant: The king of wit and charm, Grant owned the screen with a devil-may-care grin.
  • Clark Gable: Gable was effortlessly cool and exuded charisma with a smile alone.
  • Humphrey Bogart: Always an understated powerhouse, Bogart caught legions of fans with his strong yet subtle acting.
  • Ingrid Bergman: Bergman’s luminous beauty and emotional nuance made her unparalleled.
  • Bette Davis: The flamboyant star generated electricity with her delivery on- and off-screen.

The stars of the Golden Age were vibrant and young. They also seemed to defy time by appearing magnetic and making it look easy. They had powerful allure for people of all ages and made the world of movies even more exciting. The stars of the Golden Age deserved the adoration they got, and still get to this day.

2. Icons of Rebellion: How Celebrity Fashion Transformed in the Swinging Sixties

The swinging sixties were a time of unprecedented change in politics, music and fashion. In no other decade before had clothing become so iconic of an entire era, and the influence of celebrities on the ever-changing mod scene was unmistakable. From Ska to Pop Art, there were a number of fashion trends which rose to popularity in the early sixties.

Beatlemania: The Fab Four re-defined masculine style with their mod-inspired suits and shoes, and their transnational appeal gave credit to the global reach of the mod movement. Their sleek haircuts and androgynous vibes changed the way boys and men dressed, spawning an era of sartorial freedom for young people everywhere.

The Rolling Stones: The Rolling Stones offered a sharp contrast to the Beatles with their rock-n-roll edge. Sporting snarly leather jackets, go-go boots and leather trousers, they grabbed headlines everywhere they went with their reckless attitude and unkept looks. By the mid-sixties, the Rolling Stones had become one of the biggest acts on the planet, with one of the most iconic band member styles.

The Hippies: The hippies emerged as a reaction to the rigidity of the British mod scene, looking for something new that was unique to them. The youth of the sixties adopted colourful tie-dye fabrics, extra long hair, fringed vests, bell-bottomed trousers and workboots as a way to express their newfound freedom and love for life. This movement fused fashion and lifestyle, and for many young people was a symbol of rebellion and social change.

The Everyday Woman: Women of the sixties adopted a more modern style, ditching their dresses and skirts for trousers and mini skirts. The influence of Mary Quant and other female designers was felt around the world, and caused a revolution in female fashion. Low-cut shirts, headscarves, short skirts and patterned leggings were must-haves for the fashion-savvy.

The legendary icons of the sixties left a lasting impression on the world of fashion, and their influence can still be seen in today’s styles. From the subtle to the outrageous, the ’60s saw a transformation in the way people dressed which will never be forgotten.

3. Beyond the Red Carpet: Exploring the Evolution of Casual Chic in Hollywood

Fashion in Hollywood has undergone an invigorating transformation, with the recent trends of casual chic revolutionizing the red carpet. Once a place for ostentatiousness with outrageous gowns and over-the-top sparkles, today’s trend is more about minimalism – forgoing bold hues and relying on easy lines and discreet accessories.

Stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Gal Gadot have upped their fashion game, ditching head-to-toe glitzy glamour in favour of more toned-down pieces. At the 2019 Golden Globe Awards, Lopez sported an ultrachic halterneck beige-meets-silver Versace gown, while Gadot opted for a soft pink Prada ensemble.

The high-low look is also a celebrity favourite: combining high-end designer pieces with everyday basics, such as plain denim and T-shirts. This intersection of the lavish and the laid-back allows stars to pair comfort and style, which can be difficult to come by on the red carpet.

More popular than ever are tailored separates such as a chic trouser-shirt combo: Jared Leto often rocks this look, regularly mixing smart colours and contrasting maroon slacks with an ivory blazer. His co-star, Margot Robbie, opts for a similar aesthetic, though with more of a modern artistry twist. Recent appearances of hers saw her wearing fitted leather trousers and a teal-hued velveteen blazer.

Casual chic is not only in style, it’s a revolution – and in the age of the Instagram celebrity, stars are having more fun with fashion. Whether it’s head-to-toe sequins, tailored two-pieces or a cool-girl suit, Hollywood is finding new ways to express themselves with fashion.

  • Jennifer Lopez upping her fashion game with beige-meets-silver Versace gown
  • Gal Gadot opting for a soft pink Prada ensemble
  • High-low look combining high-end designer pieces with everyday basics
  • Jared Leto mixing smart colours with slacks and an ivory blazer
  • Margot Robbie wearing fitted leather trousers and a teal-hued velveteen blazer

4. Reviving Classic Elegance: Contemporary Stars Embrace the Retro Fashion Revival

It started off with a few pieces of vintage clothing arriving at fashion shows—the occasional polka-dot dress or velvet blazer. Now, it’s obvious that a retro style revival has taken hold of the industry. As the world of fashion evolves and changes, many contemporary stars have been turning to classic and elegant designs of the past.

  • Gothic Rocker Vibes—Gothic elements are experiencing a resurgence, and many celebs are embracing the strongly outlined cuts, corsets, and mesmerizing fabrics such as lace and velvet. From Hailey Baldwin to Miranda Kerr, stars are making this style look like a contemporary classic.
  • Bold Shoulders—The shoulder-pad fun of the ’80s is back in full swing, giving women ample opportunity to flaunt their inner divas. Popularized by stars like Rhianna, shoulder blazers and dresses can be seen everywhere from the red-carpet to everyday life.
  • Floral Magic—From romantic lily print dresses to cotton wrap skirts, floral prints have been decorating clothing both on and off-screen. Both wardrobe icons such as Amber Heard and modern trend-setters including Lily-Rose Depp have walked the runway in complete florals.
  • Vintage Glamour—You may find inspiration from decades ago but most celebs are embracing modern alterations for more daring outfits. From bell-bottoms to glitter-infused looks, classic glamour is becoming a daily affair for many celebrity fashion icons.

Whether they’re paying homage to iconic stars or creating their own fashion moments, contemporary celebrities are bringing back retro vibes in a big way. With the ability to mix and match timeless pieces with modern accessories, stars can recreate classic styles to make them their own. The retro fashion revival isn’t going anywhere for a long time.

From the corset and bustle of the Victorian era to the power suit of the ’80s, celebrity fashion is a timeless treasure, and has been expressed in countless ways throughout the ages. Today, starring as the latest chapter in the story of celebrity fashion is today’s blend of style, trends, and creativity. As the future of fashion continues to unfold, we will surely encounter new expressions and looks from our favorite stars.

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