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Brand FeaturesCelebrities and Luxury: Stars' Lavish Fashion Lifestyles

Celebrities and Luxury: Stars’ Lavish Fashion Lifestyles

From exotic yachts, to million-dollar homes, to luxury sports cars – we all know that the high life of celebrities can be extravagantly lavish! We see them in all the latest fashion trends, accessorizing their ensembles with diamonds and designer labels, but what’s the real story behind celebrities and their love for luxury? This article will explore the lavish fashion lifestyles of some of the world’s most celebrated stars.
Celebrities and Luxury: Stars' Lavish Fashion Lifestyles

1. Fashion Extravaganza: A Glittering Glimpse into Celebrities’ Lavish Lifestyles

The red carpets of today’s fashion events offer a glittering glimpse at the luxurious lifestyles of celebrities. From Chanel couture gowns to custom-made jewelry, some of the world’s most influential stars know just how to strike a pose and make an unforgettable impression. But the price tags of these designer fashion statements might be a bit too luxurious for the average person.

First up is Hailee Steinfeld, who opted for an ultra-luxurious yellow Prabal Gurung dress for her appearance at the 2019 Academy Awards. According to the dress’ website, it was valued at an eye-watering $15,495. Accompanying it was a diamond choker that was worth over ten thousand dollars. It was a breathtaking combination that made onlookers gasp with admiration.

Stunning in a silver sequined dress, Olivia Wilde looked like a modern-day goddess as she stepped onto the golden carpet of the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar bash. The dress, designed by Thierry Mugler, was estimated to cost more than nine thousand dollars. To complete her look, Wilde donned diamond jewelry by Cartier and Bulgari. A glittering checklist that taken individually would make a hefty dent in someone’s bank account.

Inspired by the mesmerizing evening gowns of Audrey Hepburn, Lily Collins donned a breathtaking Givenchy haute couture dress to the 2020 Golden Globe Awards. Handmade in France, the chic design was estimated to cost in the region of twelve thousand dollars.

  • Selena Gomez went all-out classic in a Vera Wang dress at the 2019 Met Gala.
  • Janelle Monae stunned in Christian Siriano sequined pantsuit for the 2020 SAG Awards.
  • Lady Gaga arrived to the 2019 Golden Globe awards, dressed in a Valentino Haute Couture gown.

The stars of the show business are certainly no strangers to high fashion. From the red carpet to the sidewalk, celebrities know how to stay fashionable no matter the cost involved.

2. From Red Carpets to Diamond-Studded Gowns: Exploring the Opulent Wardrobes of Hollywood’s Elite

It’s the glitz and glam, the crystal-studded evening gowns and the rush of walking down a celebrity-filled red carpet – these are all part of what makes Hollywood’s elite so fascinating. Exploring the wardrobes of the most influential celebrities can help us further understand the fashion choices they make.

  • The Red Carpet – A classic red-carpet look consists of a cocktail dress, usually a floor-length gown embellished with sparkles and statement jewelry.
  • Evening Gowns – Evening gowns consist of elaborate silhouettes adorned with sequins and diamonds.
  • Cocktail Gowns – A blend of the two, cocktail gowns hit the perfect balance between formal attire and a playful and flirty approach.

Designers such as Elie Saab, Alexander McQueen, and Marchesa provide celebrities with some of the most over-the-top garments. These designers are responsible for some of the most iconic looks of recent years. They provide the perfect combination of femininity, drama, and elegance that Hollywood’s elite value.

For Kristen Stewart, it was her billowing black Balenciaga gown with a daring split skirt. For Beyoncé, it was the dreamy, shimmering sheer frock from Peter Dundas. We can’t forget Angelina Jolie’s curve-hugging white Atelier Versace gown at the 2012 Oscar Nominees Luncheon.

The importance of wardrobe choices in Hollywood is undeniable. From a subtle Chanel pant suit to a daring two-floor long Elie Saab dress, there is a statement in every outfit that’ll have us one-upping each other come the new year. To the stars, fashion is art.

3. The Price Tag of Fame: Unveiling the Fashion Habits of A-List Celebrities

From glamorous award show looks to chic magazine spreads, it seems like celebrities live a life of unchanging luxury and glamor. But beyond the exterior, how do A-listers really stay fashionable? What does it take to maintain their style?

It turns out, their clothing bills can be pretty pricey. Many celebrities have custom pieces designed with expert assistance from high-end designers, from red carpet dresses to everyday ensembles. In addition, they often opt for designer labels, which inflate the cost.

  • Actress Charlize Theron reportedly spends $20,000 a month on clothes.
  • Model Gisele Bundchen reportedly spent over $30,000 in one shopping spree.
  • Queen B Beyoncé is said to spend upwards of $500,000 per year on her wardrobe.

Not all celebs are willing to drop heaps of cash to keep up with the current trends. Those with thriftier style habits tend to incorporate vintage pieces into their outfits, or even borrow clothing from designer friends. They can also take advantage of free public access of certain designer pieces.

For instance, Blake Lively will rock a pricey off-the-rack item for a movie premiere or a paparazzi shot. She then donates the item back to a charity that provides high-end clothing for those who cannot afford it.

Regardless of their budget, celebrities know the true cost of high-end fashion. While they flaunt their luxury styles, they teach us to be mindful of where our clothes come from and to try to reduce our fashion footprint.

4. Step into the World of Luxury: How Celebrities Embrace High-end Fashion with Style and Flair

Celebrities live glamorous lives that we can only aspire to. This glamorous life often includes embracing the latest trends in high-end fashion with style and flare. From dashing suits to dazzling gowns, here’s how celebrities show their love of luxury fashion.

1. Exquisite Suiting

Bold, tailored suits are the go-to fashion of choice for many celebrities as they arrive on the red carpet. These perfectly-fitted suits are often timeless classics, with a few modern touches thrown in. Whether it is bright and vibrant colors, or unique patterns, celebrities are never afraid to make a statement with their suits.

2. Sensational Splurges

Being flashy doesn’t always mean being garish—it is all about tasteful spending. Big-ticket items and designer labels are a must for celebrities. Splashes of gold, diamond jewellery and other pricey accessories glimmer when stars step out onto the red carpet. Nothing declares “luxury” louder than a star wearing a sparkling ball gown or high end designer suit.

3. Flawless Fabrics

When it comes to luxury fashion, the secret lies in the fabric. Luxury brands are all about utilizing the finest materials, like silk, fur, and leather. Celebrities love to play with these fabrics and textures, making sure to complement them with the right accessories.

4. Natural Pose and Smile

The finishing touch to any look is the right pose and smile. Celebrities have mastered the art of striding down the red carpet with a supreme air of confidence. But even more important is a gentle, genuine smile that radiates luxurious beauty.

Celebrities have the perfect platform to show us just how style and high-end fashion should be worn. With their daring trends and pieces, luxury brands are embracing celebrities more and more. Be sure to keep an eye out for the latest trends that celebrities love to embrace.

A discussion around the influence of celebrity lifestyle on fashion trends will continue to be relevant for years to come. As the public fascination with the lives of the rich and famous increases, we’ll no doubt continue to see the allure of luxury and excess in celebrity fashion. It’s arguable that fashion industry as we know it wouldn’t exist without celebrities – but either way, luxury and lavish fashion is here to stay.

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